Small Contemporary Family Garden

Bracknell, Berkshire

This town garden on the outskirts of Bracknell in Berkshire, was very small in relation to the house and sloped down across the space. The brief for the new garden design included a lawn and dining area, a water feature as well as space for a trampoline. In addition lighting was needed and screening from neighbouring houses.

A sawn sandstone terrace was designed and positioned in the sunniest part of the garden to the side of the house, where a bespoke stainless steel water wall was also placed, including a slatted panel backdrop. The trampoline was partially sunken and screened with a sleeper wall and bamboos. When the children no longer needed the trampoline it would be replaced with sofa seating to create an additonal entertaining and relaxing space.  Lollipop trees screened overlooking houses. A level lawn was also included where children could play.

Planting was designed for year-round interest and had to be very low maintenance.